Tuesday, June 10, 2008

it's real cold. playlist june 10

1. lovely sparrows. prairie [demo]

2. ducktails. beach point pleasant [forthcoming]
3. mount eerie. through the trees [no kids split 7"]
4. crystal stilts. shattered shine [s/t ep]

5. deerhunter. never stops [microcastle]
6. indian jewelry. hello africa ["free gold!"]
7. fabulous diamonds. untitled # 2 [s/t ep]

8. golden axe. medley [medley?]
9. blank dogs. ants [on two sides]
10. ponytail. celebrate the body electric [ice cream spiritual]

11. grouper. heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping [dragging a dead deer up a hill]
12. air france. june evenings [no way down]
13. vivan girls. where do you run to [s/t]

14. mean street. teen wars [live at whammy bar]
15. meneguar. we own we sell [the in hour]
16. teeth mountain. kill and eat [get conceptual]

17. real live tigers. sunflower [hospital songs ep]
18. women. black rice [women]
19. adam franklin. shine a light [wolf parade cover]
20. mount pleasant. my song 2 [demos]

21. alastair galbraith. river chasm/portrait of a lady [hurry on down cassette]
22. the radio dept. the room, tarzana [freddie and the trojan horse ep]
23. inca ore. silver wings [birthday of bless you]
24. telepathe. i can't stand it [rare bookroom comp]

25. thought creature. words can't save you [teleport palace]

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