Tuesday, December 09, 2008

playlist dec 9

1. wavves. so bored [wavvves]

2. animal collective. my girls [merriweather post pavilion]
3. dent may. god loves you, michael chang [good feeling music of dent may]
4. kurt vile. breathin' out [demo]

5. the pink noise. cobra snake [dream code]
6. country teasers. bung oats [w.o.a.r.]
7. velvet underground. lady godiva's operation [white light/white heat]

8. zola jesus. sea talk [tsar bomba]
9. swirlies. two girls kissing [they spent their wild youthful days in the glittering world of the salons]
10. harry pussy. smash the mirror [you'll never play this town again]

11. deerhunter. like new [flourescent grey demos]
12. giant drag. swan song [swan song ep]
13. mark kozelek. new partner [the finally lp]

14. beaches. freeway [beaches]
15. adventure. track 11 [adventure]
16. suicide. dream baby dream [the second album]

17. gravenhurst. farewell, farewell [the western lands]
18. cause co-motion. who's gonna care [it's time]
19. gala drop. parson [gala drop]

20. eric copeland. alien in a garbage dump [alien in a garbage dump]
21. woods. gypsy hand [some shame]
22. the love is so fast. soy rebelde [the love is so fast]

23. kria brekkan. kind mighty asylum [apotropaiosong armor]
24. ghosts. drum lake (dream version) [demo]
25. finally punk. the place you love is gone [hypertension 7"]

26. casiotone for the painfully alone. ice cream truck [dunno]

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