Tuesday, September 30, 2008


mr throwing shapes mt pleasant filling in for shea WORD UP

1. boduf songs. i can't see a thing in here [how shadows chase the balance]

2. benoit pioulard. a woolgathering exodus [temper]
3. beat happening. hangman [jamboree]

4. bonnie prince billy. madeline mary [i see a darkness]
5. THE BOSS. open all night [nebraska]
6. daniel johnston. tell me now [artistic vice]

7. paul mccartney. too many people [ram]
8. the ruby suns. kenya dig it? [sea lion]
9. nagisa ni te. premonition [yosuga]

10. final fantasy. i'm afraid of japan [he poos clouds]
11. fleetwood mac. that's all for everyone [tusk]
12. jeff mangum. engine [xfm session]

13. mythical beast. coal is better than diamonds [split w/ cloudland canyon]
14. tenniscoats & secai. touch on [s/t]
15. no kids. prisoner of desire [split w/ mount eerie]

16. liars. freakout [s/t]
17. ponytail. g shock [icecream spiritual]
18. mount eerie. voice in headphones [lost wisdom]

19. banjo or freakout. is that all [5 old songs ep]
20. the pains of being pure at heart. the pains of being pure at heart [everything with you 7"]
21. the pink noise. dead glitter sun [dream code]

22. xiu xiu. bog people [la foret]
23. woelv. chanson [pamplemoose]
24. the mountain goats. slow west vultures [we shall all be healed]

25. robedoor. violent memory [pained transformation]
26. ty segall. the drag [s/t]
27. the goslings. flowerpot [between the dead]

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