Tuesday, August 05, 2008

oh it's a soy sauce fish. playlist aug 5

1. grizzly bear. mother and child reunion [live]

2. women. upstairs [women]
3. karl blau. before telling dragons [nature's got away]
4. arms. shitty little disco [kids aflame]

5. beach boys. heroes and villians pt 1 & 2 [smile bootleg]
6. ducktails. gem [ducktails ii]
7. liars. leaving my old life behind [liars/no age tour 7"]

8. mean street. you do the math [new track!]
9. marineville. time [forthcoming]

10. steve hauschildt. indoor travel [rapt for liquid minor]
11. sentridoh. king of the dull thump [losers]
12. graffiti island. head hunters [demo]

13. karl blau. two become one [nature's got away]
14. the chills. pink frost [kaleidoscope world] req for texter in london!
15. adventure. wild wild ride [adventure]

16. papa m. black is the colour [two ep]
17. peter wright. sumner wives wheeling prams on the esplanade [distant bombs]
18. panda bear. untitled [young prayer]

19. chairlift. planet health [does you inspire you]
20. catatonic youth. side a [7"]
21. male bonding. one door closes another door opens [demo]

22. apse. legions [spirit]
23. salem. redlights [i smoke crack ep]
24. prurient. cocaine death [something]

25. tv ghost. rebel [tv ghost]

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