Tuesday, June 03, 2008

playlist 03/06/08


1. deerhunter. nothings ever happened [microcastle]

2. sigur ros. gobbledigook [new album!]
3. lau nau. maapahkinapuu [nukuu]
4. ratatat. mirando [LP3]

5. carl spidla. blackfly rag [live]
6. silver jews. strange victory, strange defeat [lookout mountain, lookout sea]
7. ida. the pain of loving you (dolly parton cover) [my fair, my dark EP]

8. islands. the arm [live]
9. bonnie 'prince' billy. easy does it [lie down in the light]
10. jayber crow. o my god when i drop dead [two short stories]

11. lucky dragons. givers [dream island laughing language]
12. los campisinos! we are all accelerated readers [hold on now, youngster]
13. parenthetical girls. joan of arc (maid of new orleans) (OMD cover) [entanglements 7"]

14. high places. shared islands [that comp, you know the one]
15. deerhunter. agoraphobia [microcastle]
16. wolf parade. language city [at mount zoomer]

17. david thomas broughton. rock bottom riser (smog cover) [demo]
18. the breeders. istanbul [mountain battles]

19. grouper. fishing bird [dragging a dead dear up a hill]
20. bon iver. blindsided [for emma, forever ago]
21. alexander tucker. veins from the sky [forthcoming]

22. beach house. norway [unreleased]
23. natural snow buildings. the spears of the wolf [snowbringer cult disc 1]
24. grinderman. no pussy blues [s/t]

25. smog. came blue [accumulation: none]
26. magnetic fields. crazy for you but not that crazy [69 love songs]

27. hdu. grace [metamathics]

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