Tuesday, May 20, 2008

hope is a white hand that moves through my body. playlist may 20

1. talk talk. april fifth [the colour of spring]

2. bonnie prince billy. (keep eye on) other's gain [lie down in the light]
3. citay. first fantasy [little kingdom]
4. mint chicks. life will get better some day [demos]

5. these are powers. chipping ice [taro tarot]
6. softboiled eggies. try it again/night creature [demos]
7. devotchka. blessing in disguise [a mad & faithful telling]

8. orange juice. tender object [you can't hide yr love forever]
9. the national. beautiful head [s/t]
10. beat happening. what's important [s/t]

11. cursillistas. st leonard [thrush chimes in the field haunt]
12. paavoharju. kevatrumpu [laulu laakson kukista]
13. lau nau. painovoimaa valoa [nukuu]

14. abe vigoda. dead city/waste wild [skeleton]
15. the hospitals. this walls [hairdryer peace]
16. sic alps. dr bag and the pomade nature giants [a long way around to a shortcut]

17. bonnie prince billy. so everyone [lie down in the light]
18. wolf parade. language city [at mount zoomer]
19. great lake swimmers. yr rocky spine [onigara]

20. lucky dragons. i keep waiting for earthquakes [dream island laughing language]
21. raccoo-oo-on. visage of the fox [behold...]
22. white williams. route to palm [smoke]

23. tall firs. hairdo [too old to die young]
24. mi ami. african rhythms [african rhythms 7"]
25. eat skulls. dead families [dead families]

26. stefanimal. one two three four five [awesome feeling comp]

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