Tuesday, October 14, 2008

beach goth. playlist october 14

1. pit er pat. evacuation dig [high times]

2. holy shit. rough & tumble [single]
3. corpsekisser. emotional [demo]
4. agaskodo teliverek. kamikaze curry bun [psycho goulash]

5. viking moses. jones boys [the parts that show]
6. fungi girls. lady myco purple [demo]
7. velvet underground. white light/white heat [white light/white heat]

8. the lucksmiths. pines [first frost]
9. alastair galbraith. money is so sad [demo]
10. real estate. black lake [single]
11. voice of the seven woods. 3am home [the journey]

12. coconot. ibiza [cosa astral]
13. bonnie prince billy & marquis de tren. 21/5 [get on jolly]
14. girls. hellhole ratrace [girls]

15. simon joyner. veteran's hospital song [beautiful losers]
16. capstan shafts. middle of june [fixation protocols]
17. silver jews. pan american blues [starlight walker]

18. blank dogs. blaring speeches [on two sides]
19. zola jesus. soeur sewer [single]
20. wavves. side yr on [wavves]

21. kemialliset ystavat. tassa maassa kun nain makailen [split series 19]
22. sharpie crows. i'll haunt you [demo]
23. heavy hands. she got it [smoke signals]

24. telepathe. standing in yr line [beat mother]
25. firemen. nothing too much just out of sight [electric arguments]
26. viking moses. sole command of the day [the parts that show]

27. tall dwarfs. baby it's over [something]

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