Tuesday, February 26, 2008

sans air conditioning. playlist feb 26

1. breathe owl breathe. playing dead [ghost glacier ep]

2. thee oh sees. ghost in the trees [the master's bedroom]
3. mt eerie. don't smoke [black wooden ceiling opening ep]
4. someone still loves you boris yeltsin. oceanographer [

5. vampire weekend. cape cod kwassa kwassa (black dominoes remix) [demo]
6. quinn walker. smile for me [double lp]
7. please quiet ourselves. color chart [s/t]

8. big blood. in the shade [big blood & the grouse]
9. say hi. northwestern girls [the wishes and the glitch]
10. the weird weeds. red [i miss this]

11. lullatone. pyjama party pop [p-a-j-a-m-a in the usa ep]
12. leonard cohen. one of us can not be wrong [the songs of leonard cohen]
13. the boy least likely to. a balloon on a broken string [forthcoming]

14. garbage & the flowers. carousel [catnip 7"]
15. pit er pat. dogtown [covers ep]
16. velvet underground. i'm not a young man anymore [live]

17. dinosaur jr. feel the pain [without a sound]
18. the minutemen. black sheep [joy 7"]

19. pants yell! reject, reject [alison statton]
20. golden hotel. the trouble behind mr peterson's eyes [the silver wilderness]
21. the breeders. night of joy [mountain battles]

22. nat baldwin. dome branches [mvp]
23. the scotland yard gospel choir. aspidistra [s/t]
24. devotchka. transliterator [a mad & faithful telling]
25. the tiger tones. macho italian boys [s/t]

26. this heat. paper hats [deceit]

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