Tuesday, August 19, 2008

guitar media bringing the anti-party yet again playlist 19th August 2008

1. magnetic fields. when my boy walks down the street [i]
2. smog. natural decline [rain on lens]

3. sic alps. bells [a long way around to a shortcut]
3. bird by snow. domestic freedom [songbread/another ocean]
4. mount eerie. moon sequel [dawn]
5. atlas sound. holiday [virtual 7"]

6. pocahaunted. sweat lodge [christina carter & pocahaunted split]
7. sebadoh. true hardcore [the freed man]
8. atlas sound. ativan [live or something, in austin or georgia who knows]

9. bonnie prince billy. molly bawn [is it the sea]
10. warmer milks. rwanda [rwanda 7"]
11. xiu xiu. dr troll [fag patrol]

12. the microphones. map [glow pt 2]
13. jandek. down in a mirror [chair beside a window]
14. xiu xiu. 20, 000 death for eidelyn gonzales [life and live]

15. mt pleasant. feel good [claw friends]
16. bird by snow. life is easy [songbread/another ocean]
17. the music tapes. cumulumnimbus [for clouds and tornados]

18. brian wilson. surfs up [smile]/grouper and xiu xiu. in the city [creepshow]/ brian wilson. surfs up [live 1966 piano rehearsal]
19 animal collective. doggy [campfire songs]
20. swan lake. are you swimming in her river [beast moans]

21. ariel pink. suicide notes [oddities and sodomites vol 1.]
22. the godz. you won't see me (the beatles) [godz 2]
23. the pink noise. pure candy [birdland]

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