Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tired + sick. playlist july 22

1. dutchess & the duke. reservoir park [she's the dutchess]
2. the hospitals. teams [hairdryer peace]

3. jay reatard. fluorescent grey [split 7" with deerhunter]
4. softboiled eggies. october days [try it again]
5. charalambides. memory [split 7" with pocahaunted]

6. dominique leone. nous tombons dans elle [s/t]
7. darker my love. pale sun [#2]
8. the muslims. right and wrong [s/t]

9. shocking pinks. track 10 [demos]
10. hospital ship. i want it to get out [plastic faces]
11. mount eerie w julie doiron. flaming home [lost wisdom]
12. stinky toys. plastic faces [plastic faces]

13. pierced arrows. walking wounded [straight to the heart]
14. chops. ospylac emit [split 7" with helhesten]
15. paavoharju. puhur [yhahamaraa]
16. extra life. blackmail blues [secular works]

17. dustin and the furniture. trinature [dancing on nothing]
18. smiths. stop me if you think you've heard this one before [strangeways]
19. pink reason. borrowed time [7"]
20. smog. i feel like the mother of the world [a river ain't much to love]

21. scrabbel. sometimes [highjack tunes ep]
22. high places. shared islands [03/07-09/07]
23. nobunny. i am a girlfriend [love visions]
24. shocking pinks. dry heat [dance the dance electric]

25. parts & labor. nowhere's nigh [receivers]
26. the neighbourhood council. liver and tan [set pieces ep]
27. crystal stilts. converging in the quiet [s/t]

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