Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ginger cake & custard a++ would eat again. playlist june 17

1. silver jews. what is not but could be if [lookout mountain, lookout sea]
2. high places. vision's the first [a-side 7"]

3. grouper. fishing bird [dragging a dead deer up a hill]
4. golden shoulders. let my burden be [bro zone]
5. micah p hinson. when we embraced [s/t]

6. big blood. vitamin c [can cover]
7. dennis wilson. he's a bum [bambu]
8. munch munch. wedding (pt 2) [wedding ep]

9. james jackson toff. doreen [waiting in vain]
10. culture reject. inside the cinema [s/t]
11. the pink noise. ithica [dream code]

12. abe vigoda. endless sleeper [skeleton]
13. black pus. land of the lost [black pus 4: all aboard the magic pus]
14. crystal antlers. a thousand eyes [s/t]

15. vincent over the sink. threads of beginning [22 coloured bull-terriers]
16. henry's dress. (yr my) radio one [s/t]
17. rosemary krusk. sand [demo]

18. the aislers set. the red door [the last match]
19. religious knives. the sun [resin]
20. futurism vs passeism. crystal gazing [demo]

21. pumice. world with worms [quo]
22. future islands. beach foam [wave like home]
23. abe vigoda. skeleton [skeleton]

24. the breeders. cannonball [live 1993]
25. mirror mirror. new horizons [the society for the advancement...]
26. esau mwamwaya. kamphopo [7"]
27. wire. one of us [object 47]

28. foot village. protective nourishment [friendship nation]
29. popolice. closer now [new]

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