Friday, December 05, 2008

The Wire Playlist December 5

1. Cold Cave. Sex Ads [Painted Nails 7"]
2. Blank Dogs. Passing the Light [The Fields EP]
3. Flight. Over My Head [Demo]
4. Dent May. God Loves You, Michael Chang [Good Feeling Music of Dent May]
5. Dent May. Love Song 2009 [Good Feeling Music of Dent May]
6. Hunx & His Punx. Gimmie Gimmie Back Yr Love [You Don't Like Rock n Roll 7"]
7. The Crayon Fields. Mirror Ball [Mirror Ball 7"]
8. Teeth Mountain. Keinsein [Demo]
9. The Very Best. Dinosaur on the Ark [Esau Mwamwaya + Radioclit are The Very Best]
10. Radiohead. Reckoner (Salem Remix) [Remix]
11. Panel of Judges. As the Blowflies [Bad Vibrations]
12. Kurt Vile. Freeway [Kurt Vile's Accidents EP]

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