Tuesday, November 11, 2008

playlist 11/11/2008

1. cheval sombre. i sleep [7"]

2. joose keskitalo. saimaan rannaila [joose keskitalo & kolmas maailmanpalo]
3. wavves. side yr on [wavvves]
4. nodzzz. in the city (contact high) [s/t]

5. fight bite. small wonder [emerald eyes]
6. grouper. giving it to you [wide]
7. larkin grimm. parplar [new shit]

8. eric copeland. king tits womb [alien in a garbage dump]
9. golden axe. tree huts [party alarm bells?]
10. daniel johnston. tears stupid tears [1990]

11. talbot tagora. the weatherman [?!]
12. pyramids. sleds [s/t]
13. roxy music. more than this [avalon]

14. peter and the wolf. balld of redhook [mellow owl]
15. belle and sebastian. like dylan in the movies [bbc sessions]
16. japanther. bloated corpse [tut tut now shake your butt]
17. times new viking. anything can happen [shred yr face]

18. u.s girls. i bradley [gravel days]
19. yussuf jerusalem. with you in mind [a heart full of sorrow]
20. nice face. rotting around [can i fuck it]
21. palms. agniezska [it's midnight in honalulu]

22. the splinters. splintered bridges [oh splinters!]
23. mi ami. ark of the covenant [ark of the covenant]
24. benoit pioulard. loupe [temper]

25. psychic ills. i take you as my wife again [????]
26. the alps. cloud one [new album]
27. sexy kids. sisters are forever [7"]
28. koen holtcamp. you mean the world to me [new shit]
29. vivian girls. where do you run to [s/t]

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