Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i'd like 2 c u. playlist september 23

1. hush arbors. follow closely [s/t]

2. chad vangaalen. tmnt mask [soft airplane]
3. bird show. clouds and their shadows [untitled]
4. nite jewel. what did he say [unreleased]

5. lucky dragons. wooden cave loop [dream island laughing language]
6. ducktails. beach point pleasant [ducktails ii]

7. wyrd visions. bog lord [half eaten guitar]
8. warmer milks. wild springs [soft walks]
9. windy and carl. my love [songs for the brokenhearted]

10. black orphan. video kids [video kids 7"]
11. the spits. black and blue [2]
12. golden axe. medley [unreleased]

13. gary war. healthy living [new raytheonport]
14. human host. smokescreen [creature mountain]
15. jacuzzi boys. island avenue [island ave ep]

16. graffiti island. pet snake [demo]
17. fungi girls. crystal roads [demo]
18. the pastels. baby yr just you [sittin pretty]

19. tickley feather. the revolution [split with serpents of wisdom]
20. the knit separates. jimmy jewel [loves true cross]
21. eddie current suppression ring. colour television [primary colours]

22. lucky dragons. new men slow [faults]
23. kurt weisman. spiritual sci-fi [spiritual sci-fi]
24. gang gang dance. vacuum [saint dymphna]

25. little claw. movies for you [spit and squalor, swallow the snow]

26. no age. teen creeps [nouns]

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