Tuesday, March 11, 2008

snails & haze. playlist mar 11

1. stephen malkmus & the jicks. baltimore [real emotional trash]

2. spectrum. how you satisfy me [soul kiss (glide divine)]
3. naked on the vague. white blankets [sad son]
4. telepathe. chrome's on it [demo]

5. thao nguyen & the get down stay down. bang of hammers [seasonal greens mix]
6. el guincho. kalise [alegranza]
7. karl blau. noah richard son [am]

8. the ruby suns. remember [sea lion]
9. donovan quinn. black bird head chamber [october lanterns]
10. the beach boys. i just wasn't made for these times [pet sounds]

11. tom waits. god's away on business [blood money]
12. alastair galbraith. yr lilt [orb]
13. tafra. oh, daniel [demo]
14. port o'brien. i woke up today [all we could do was sing]

15. foreign capitols. bitter half [a secret conspiracy against the blues]
16. wolf tickets. blue [milk moon]
17. grizzly bear. while you wait for the others [live on kcrw]

18. son lux. break [something]
19. the breeders. bang on [mountain battles]
20. hearts of animals. hearts break [demo]

21. cats in paris. foxes [demo]
22. apples in stereo. on yr own [bsides & rarities]
23. twin crystals. princess [demo]

24. jeremy jay. beautiful rebel [a place where we could go]
25. abe vigoda. animal ghosts [7"]
26. grey daturas. the hanging man is no peacock [dead in the woods]

27. gentle friendly. five girl night [night tape]
28. these are powers. chipping ice [taro tarot]

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