Tuesday, July 29, 2008

scheduling mishaps. playlist sept 3

1. grizzly bear. two weeks [live on letterman]

2. department of eagles. in ear park [in ear park]
3. brown bird. the ice and the snow haunt me still [bottom of the sea]
4. u.s. girls. prove it all night [introducing]

5. mythical beast. maria sabina [split with cloudland canyon]
6. takka takka. everybody say [migration]
7. chad vangaalen. willow tree [soft aeroplane]
8. high places. namer [vision's the first bside/s/t]

9. mount pleasant. best friends [three songs]
10. el guincho. cerrando por tajarste [folias]
11. grouper. little boat/bone dance [wide]

12. je suis animal. sparkle spit [self-taught magic from a book]
13. palace bros. come in [an arrow through the bitch ep]
14. telepathe. chrome's on it [beat mother]
15. kria brekkan. gomul visa um vorio [wildering bside]

16. karl blau. mockingbird diet [nature's got away]
17. fantastic magic. sea of gold [s/t]
18. forest fire. i make windows [survival]

19. at night. like a rolling stone [be dylan & the boy on the beach]
20. the pastels. up for a bit [up for a bit with the pastels]
21. julie doiron. second time [loneliest in the morning]
22. no paws (no lions). for yr eyes only [demo]

23. mv & ee. lonely moon [total loss songs]
24. factums. mushrooms [the sistrum]
25. alps. i.d.l.s [alps of nsw]

26. the brian jonestown massacre. who fucking pissed in my well [my bloody underground]

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