Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wire 13/6/08 Playlist

1. Crystal Antlers. Until the Sun Dies (Part 2) [S/T]
2. Ducktails. Beach Point Pleasant [Forthcoming]
3. Esau Mwamwaya. Kamphopo [7"]
4. Munch Munch. Endolphins [Demo]
5. Vivian Girls. Tell the World [S/T]
6. Mirror Mirror. New Horizons [Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousnsess]
7. High Places. Vision's the First [7"]
8. Black Pus. Land of the Lost [Black Pus 4]
9. Mean Street. Teen War [Live at Whammy Bar]
10. Air France. No Excuses [No Way Down]
11. Flying Lotus. Comet Course [Los Angeles]
12. Panther. Total Sexy Church [14 Kt. God]
13. The Cool Kids. One Two [The Bake Sale]
14. Thought Creature. Words Can't Save You [Teleport Palace]

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