Tuesday, May 06, 2008

don't be a dick. playlist may 6

1. castanets. sway [in the vines]

2. dark meat. dead man [universal indians expanded]
3. deer tick. art isn't real aka city of sin [war elephant]
4. white denim. mess yr hair up [workout holiday]

5. shocking pinks. you can make me feel bad [singles]
6. mount pleasant. there are no roots [demo]
7. brian jonestown massacre. bring me the head of paul mccartney on heather mill's wooden peg (dropping bombs on the white house) [my bloody underground]

8. okay. or don't [demo]
9. rio en medio. let's groove [demo]
10. lucky dragons. morning ritual [dream island laughing language]

11. panthers. don't be a dick [let's get serious]
12. sic alps. hey sophia [description of the harbour]
13. the radio dept. freddie and the trojan horse [forthcoming ep]
14. cryptacize. no coins [dog that treasure]

15. the chills. pink frost [kaleidoscope world]
16. the microphones. oh you coward [little bird flies into a big black cloud]
17. kria brekkan. gomul visa um vori [wildering 7"]

18. the child readers. the infant wing [music heard far off]
19. mean street. less chat more sewing [demo]
20. naked on the vague. the horse he's sick [blood pressure sessions]

21. the national. city middle [alligator]
22. the whitest boy alive. golden cage [7"]
23. vetiver. houses [thing of the past]

24. hot silk pockets. what's the matter [round at grandad's]
25. evangelista. truth is dark like outer space [hello voyager]
26. HDU. grace [demo]

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