Tuesday, July 15, 2008



1. micah p. hinson. come home quickly, darlin' [and the red empire...]

2. diamonds. seasons [rough cuts]
3. pete yorn. vampire [nightcrawler]
4. animal collective. safer [live]

5. erics trip. sand [songs about chris ]
6. christina carter. preserve our face [texas working blues]
7. phosphorescent. a picture of torn up praise [pride]

8. fulton girls club. nothing [i wish i had x-ray vision]
9. herman dune. don't you worry a bit [daytrotter session]
10. destroyer. don't become the thing you hated [your blues]
11. shocking pinks. go to sleep (deerhunter remix) [go to sleep ep]

12. david thomas broughton. i don't feel dancing (scissor sisters) [demo]
13. banjo or freakout. stay son (a classic education cover) [demo]
14. sunset rubdown. mending of the gown [daytrotter session (encore)]

15. lucky dragons. [dream island laughing language]
16. thanksgiving. rose hips [nothing]
17. vivian girls. i can't stand [pink couch sessions]
18. ariel pinks haunted graffiti. lestat (according to the windows) [???]

19. raccoo-oo-oon. diamonds in the dunes [behold secret kingdom]
20. oneida. cream puff war (grateful dead cover) [heads ain't ready]
21. nothing. to the sun [warm gun]

22. feral children. jaundice giraffe [second to last frontier]
23. xiu xiu. sad pony guerilla girl [a promise]
24. mythical beast. maria sabina [split with cloudland canyon]

25. catatonic youth. side a [single]

26. popolice. closer now [???]

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