Tuesday, October 07, 2008

let's rock the beach. playlist 7th october

1. diamonds. the waking [rough cuts]

2. dead luke. jumping jack flash [record two]
3. over the atlantic. loveless devotion [dimension]
4. fight bite. swissexlover [demo]

5. deerhunter. twilight at carbon lake [microcastle]
6. little claw. the empty mirror [vol 6]
7. wings. let me roll it [band on the run]

8. the sleaze. smokin' fuckin' cigs [smokin' fuckin' cigs 7"]
9. beat happening. crashing through [jamboree]
10. mayyors. airplanes [megan's lolz 7"]
11. darker my love. pale sun [2]

12. telepathe. god is watching [beat mother]
13. weird tapes. tv romance [nightstalking]
14. coconot. el final del sonido tropical [cosa astral]

15. muons. spaceman [jewelled antler library]
16. babe terror. nasa goodbye [babe terror ep]
17. thanksgiving. welcome [welcome nowhere]
18. surf city. kudos [demo]

19. woods. from the horn [from the horn]
20. internet forever. 3d [demo]
21. the splinters. splintered bridges [oh splinters]
22. pens. hate yr calendar [demo]

23. world's end girlfriend. wonderland falling tomorrow [dreams end come true]
24. wavves. wavves [wavvves]
25. abe vigoda. casual night [sky route/star roof]
26. mean street. philosophy [demo]

27. mount pleasant. waking waiting [mount pleasant ep]

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