Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HEY LOL. playlist 12 aug

1. y'all is fantasy island. with handclaps [7"]

2. no age. scheduling mishaps [no age/liars tour 7"]
3. lucky dragons. oh i understand [dream island laughing language]
4. arab strap. blood [the week never ends around here]

5. high places. gold coin [high places]
6. the sea and cake. fuller moon [car alarm]
7. mirror mirror. love is the law [the society for the advancement of inflammatory consciousness]

8. mount pleasant. i lost a friend today [claw friends]
9. lesser gonzalez alvarez. love for longer [why is the bear billowing]
10. thanksgiving. i forgot yr name [the in the world ep]

11. arch m. 21st union [moontan]
12. john maus. bennington [beaterblocker compilation]
13. salem. brewstreet [fuckt]

14. brightblack morning light. hologram buffalo [motion to rejoin]
15. weird weeds. dream songs [i miss this]
16. daniel johnston. held the hand [1990]
17. the music tapes. [for clouds and tornadoes]

18. telepathe. devil's trident [beat mother]
19. koushik. nothing's the same [out my window]
20. parts & labor. solemn show world [receivers]

21. labradford. scenic drive [single]
22. zach hill. stoic logic [astrological straits]
23. banjo or freakout. what to do [five old songs]

24. spinto band. needlepoint [moonwink]
25. dan friel. horse heaven [ghost town]
26. fabulous diamonds. lp6 [fabulous diamonds]

27. harvey milk. death goes to the winner [life the best game in town]

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