Tuesday, November 04, 2008

OBAMA PLEASE. playlist nov 4

1. neil gaiman. bloody sunrise [comp.]

2. nudge. war song [infinity padlock]
3. ducktails. let's rock the beach [ducktails ii]
4. the fucking ocean. adam vs the fucking ocean [demo]

5. wounded knee. a hibees lament [s/t]
6. nice face. way it's gotta be [can i fuck it?]
7. mayyors. airplanes [7"]

8. talbot tagora. hunger strike [7"]
9. japanther. um like yr smile is totally ruling me now [tut tut now shake ya butt]
10. herr jazz. olympia [demo]

11. cheval sombre. hyacinth house [unreleased]
12. fight bite. the accident [emerald eyes]
13. city center. haunted/hawse [blog demo]

14. deerhunter. dot gain [weird era cont]
15. mount pleasant. fir friends [demo]
16. late young. monochrome [demo]

17. deerhoof. chandelier searchlight [offend maggie]
18. rusty santos. safe to say [dunno]
19. bjork. baenin [s/t]

20. cold cave. dreamscaper [the trees ep]
21. hollow stars. only yr love [7"]
22. these are powers. cracks in the lifeline [terrific seasons]
23. hush arbors. water ii [s/t]

24. the present. africanized beatnik [world i see]
25. cause co-motion. i lie awake [7"]
26. little claw. feeding you [race to the bottom]

27. michael gira. purple creek [i am singing to you from my room]

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