Tuesday, October 21, 2008

robocop sunset. playlist october 21

1. arthur russell. i couldn't say it to yr face [love is overtaking me]

2. that ghost. open windows [young fridays]
3. christmas island. morning sunshine [demo]
4. cloud control. death cloud [7"]

5. headless heroes. just like honey [the silence of love]
6. reefer. may baleen [reefer]
7. blackout beach. cloud of evil [skin of evil]

8. holy shit. i don't need enemies [stranded at two harbours]
9. japanther. the dirge [tut tut now shake ya butt]
10. henry's dress. target practice [bust'em green]

11. gift machine. borrowed time and water [demo]
12. nite jewel. artifical intelligence [demo]
13. donovan. a sunny day [hurdy gurdy man lp]

14. mika miko. sex jazz [sex jazz 7"]
15. mount pleasant. best friends [three songs]
16. wavves. beach demon [wavvves]

17. arthur russell. eli [love is overtaking me]
18. magik markers. the place where what has been taken is returned [gucci rapidshare download]
19. mud pie sun. worrisummer [worrisummer 7"]

20. catatonic youth. freedom vanilla [piss scene]
21. atlas sound. maybe logic [virtual 7"]
22. foot village. 420 (nation of holidays) [split 12" with black pus]

23. bird names. nazi beach party [something]
24. telepathe. i can't stand it [dance mother]
25. fabulous diamonds. lp 1 [fabulous diamonds]
26. black pus. floatzilla [split 12" with foot village]

27. unwound. everything is weird [bside]
28. ima fucking gymnist. we're professionals [...so freakin juicy]

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