Tuesday, July 01, 2008

exotic boutique [01/07/08]

1. christina carter. a blind eye [texas working blues]

2. phillip glass & brian eno & david bowie. excerpt from the [low symphony]
3. lucky dragons. morning ritual [dream island laughing language]

4. twi the humble feather. adventures of castle two [music for spaceships and forests]
5. tape. moth wings [luminarium]
6. dm stith. be my baby [works in progress presented by asthmatic kitty]
7. no age. impossible bouquiet [nouns]

7. smog. my shell (electric version) [burning kingdom ep]
8. robedoor. fire in hall [endlessly blazing]

9. tickley feather. natural natural [split with serpants of wisdom]
10. crystal stilts. crippled croon [s/t ep]
11. jay reatard. always wanting more [single]

12. king darves. fish hook [the sun splits for the blind swimmer]
13. alastair galbraith. portrait [little boat]
14. paavoharju. tytto tanssii [l.l.k]

15. sic alps. bells [a long way around to a shortcut]
16. nobunny. i am a girlfriend [love visions]
17. fleetwood mac. not that funny [tusk]

18. fabulous diamonds. lp6 [s/t]
19. xiu xiu. buzzsaw [the air force]
20. forest fire. sunshine city [survival]

21. jim o rourke. the workplace [halfway to a threeway]
22. jandek. your other man [blue corpse]
23. daniel johnston. death scream [fear yourself]

24. serpants of wisdom. my dead cat [split with tickley feather]
25. deerhunter. never stops [microcastle]
26. snailhouse. superstitious [lies on the prize]
27. yikes. pink cigars [secrets to superflipping]

27. abe vigoda. animal ghosts [single]

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