Tuesday, January 22, 2008

this used to be my favourite palm tree. playlist jan 22

1. the ruby suns. kenya dig it [sea lion]

2. envelopes. calypso [here comes the wind]
3. flash lights. untitled [eckords]

4. deerhoof. the galaxist [friend opportunity]
5. white magic. very late [some latin word]

6. beach house. holy dances [devotion]
7. giantess. snakebite [s/t]
8. los campesinos. this is how you spell "hahaha we destroyed the hopes and dreams of a generation of faux-romantics" [hold on now, youngster]

9. deer tick. beautiful girls [demo]
10. no kids. bluster in the air [come into my house]

11. white williams. new violence [smoke]
12. mahjongg. those birds are bats [kontpab]
13. dragons of zynth. anna mae [coronation thieves]

14. pikelet. beyond the sky [s/t]
15. xiu xiu. gayle lynn [woman as lovers]
16. high places. new grace [mistletonia comp. ]

17. why?. simeon's dilemma [alopecia]
18. the ruby suns. remember [sea lion]
19. pikelet. a bunch [s/t]

20. excepter. kill people [debt dept]
21. clark. mercy sines [turning dragon]
22. abe vigoda. the garden [idk]

23. destroyer. dark leaves from a thread [trouble in dreams]
24. ida. the killers [lovers' prayers]
25. evangelicals. bloodstream [the evening descends]

26. the verlaines. it's easier to harden a broken heart (than to mend it) [new]

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