Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1. anni rossi. machine [scandia]

2. talulah gosh. bringing up baby [backwash]
3. stuart a staples. old friends [leaving songs]
4. born ruffians. hummingbird [red yellow & blue]

5. crystal stilts. converging the quiet [s/t ep]
6. david kilgour. you forget [here come the cars]
7. papa m. many splendored things [whatever mortal]

8. the dodos. red and purple [visiter] (simone's pick o da week!)
9. a hawk and hacksaw. portland town [darkness at noon]
10. au. rr vs o [verbs]

11. fire on fire. asinine race [unreleased xclusiv]
12. tickley feather. keyboards is drunk [s/t]
13. liars. nihilist [unreleased xclusiv]

14. no age. things i did when i was dead [nouns]
15. meneguar. let us decide [the in hour]
16. over the atlantic. the colour of sound [new demo]

17. brown bird. black rivers [the bottom of the sea]
18. high places. shared islands [03/07-09/07]
19. karl blau. in the morning [am reissue]

20. white denim. track 11 [spring tour cd-r]
21. the instruments. ode to the sea [dark small land]
22. telepathe. envoy [farewell forrest ep]

23. indian jewelry. barbwire [we are the wild beast]
24. no age. sleeper hold [nouns]
25. tiger tones. 17 [s/t]

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