Tuesday, March 18, 2008

in my child mind you were a lion. playlist mar 18

1. malcom middleton. week off [sleight of heart]

2. animal collective. water curses [water curses ep]
3. cursillistas. caves carved in golden light [wasp stings the last bitter flavour]
4. the radio dept. the city limit [pulling our weight ep]

5. misosphere. deluded & obscene [where has it gone]
6. guided by voices. motor away [alien lanes]
7. blank dogs. outside alarmer [the doorbell fire 7"]

8. man man. hurly/burly [rabbit habits]
9. numbers. crimson and clover [w 7"]
10. plants & animals. faerie dance [parc avenue]

11. secret shine. liquid indigo [greater than god]
12. tangerine submarine. heart is where the head lies [sun and the red hill ep]
13. valet. kehaar [naked acid]

14. lullatone. yr snore [presents the bedtime beat]
15. headdress. great horned out [dunno]
16. natural snow buildings. all animals in the form of water [the dance of the moon and the sun]

17. bark psychosis. nothing feels [independancy]
18. secret knives. the skeleton [the wolves ep]
19. animal collective. street flash [water curses ep]

20. dudley benson. audrey h [the awakening]
21. ben & bruno. i'm awakened [hard history]
22. high places. jump in [03/07 - 09/07]

23. {{{sunset}}}. man's heart complaint [bright blue dream]

24. boris. statement [smile]

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