Tuesday, November 01, 2005

you are full of shit (check out my sweet riffs) - [playlist 1/11/05]

it's really windy outside and everythings a bit askew. i have an exam tomorow afternoon - my last ever! yay it's finally yay.

1. black tamborine - for ex-lovers only [complete recordings]
2. the jesus and mary chain - just like honey [psycho candy]
3. the lassie foundation - come on, let your lime light shine [pacifico]
4. the detroit cobras - ya ya ya [seven easy pieces]

you can download this next track at said the gramophone. click on the song to go right to the download. i think this is a really superb reworking. been posting a few covers on the blog lately but this is definitly the best of the lot. gosh i love that most serene republic album.

5. stars - ageless beauty (the most serene republic remix)

6. the skygreen leopards - clouds through the sparrow's eyes [life & love in sparrow's meadow]
7. the young tradition - gone are the days [northern drive]
8. the handsome family - down in the valley of hollow logs [through the trees]

this playlist is shaping out interestingly. or just two-dimensional - it's indie-pop vs country. the battle is on!

9. cub - cast a shadow [betti-cola]
10. steve earle - ? [live album]

he's kind of like bill hicks, says tim: very left wing, very literate, very quick. tim also says he really must get his arse into gear and get tickets for this coming concert. time for richard's twee megamix. this summer's gonna be filled to the brim with mixtapes. and that means real tapes - casettes. none of this cd business.

11. heavenly - so little deserve [le jardin de heavenly]
12. honeybunch - hey blue sky [time trials 1987-1997]
13. another sunny day - the centre of the world [london weekend]

if you haven't ever listened to the next two bands, make sure you do - they're pretty seminal as far as a lot of indie rock goes these days. grandaddy have pretty much done their dash, though, i think. their new ep really is terrible. all the other material is worth getting. sparklehorse, another d.i.y. indie act of the 90s really were the biggest reason for my getting into indie-rock and stuff like that. thanks!

14. grandaddy - summer here kids [under the western freeway]
15. sparklehorse - hammering the cramps [viva dixie submarine transmission plot]
16. wolfie - hey it's finally yay [awful mess mystery]
17. spoon - merchants of soul [gimme fiction]

i <3 spoon. i <3 handclaps. i <3 writing i <3s.

18. the bank holidays - she's not into love [day for night]
19. the new pornographers - the jessica numbers [twin cinema]

this track's name sounds like it should be a sitcom, like the O.C.. or maybe just a band on the O.C. been catching lots of sitcoms on TV lately. the next band feature members from the pornographers, not too sure who though. i think it's the female vocalist. who knows - these crazy canadians. all their bands have too many members - look at the arcade fire, broken social scene...

20. immaculate machine - broken ship [ones and zeros]
21. dirty three - great waves [cinder]

ooh, cat power on the vocals here. check out this article for an interesting hint towards some feminist issues in indie rock, but some utter fucking bullshit words about devendra banhart. skip the first part of the article - this brent dicrescenzo guy really is a terrible writer. remember kids - just because pitchfork sez it doesn't mean it's true.

22. gravenhurst - velvet cell [fires in distant buildings]
23. explosions in the sky - yr hand in mine [the earth is not a cold dead place]

listen to guitar media soon for a preview of this post rock band's turn at the temporary residence series "travel in constants". not next week but the week after, cos i'll be away in sunny kaikoura. hehe. and i'll be listening to stuff like this next one:

24. the scotland yard gospel choir - ellen's telling me what i want to hear [i bet you say that to all the boys]
25. tim rogers - kalgoorlie [dirty ron/ghost songs]
26. acid house kings - a long term plan [sing along with the acid house kings]

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