Sunday, October 30, 2005

lazy weekend, stormy season

mixtape connetion vol. 4 went really well - thanks to everyone that came. it was a fun night. here's what i played in my set:

holyfuck - casio bossa nova, gary numan - cars, cut copy - saturdays, caberet voltaire - talking time, new order - the beach, the rapture - i need yr love, tom vek - nothing but green lights, joy division - transmission, devo - cold war, talking heads - making flippy floppy, rogers sisters - 45 prayers, gang of four - return the gift, franz ferdinand - i'm yr villain, the human league - don't you want me, datarock - fa fa fa, duran duran - girls on film, tom vek - i ain't saying my goodbyes

we got lots of photos, but i seem to have lost my digital camera on the night. if anyone has seen it, um, let me know or something. beer + technology = trouble. ugh. [edit]okay, don't worry. benet has it. phew! i'll post photos later in the week. anyway, though, the next night is set to be on probably the 2nd of december, in light of the low hum tour with so so modern and teenwolf being on the normal last friday of the month, on which mixtape connection would fall. make sure you go and support the low hum gig. these bands are from auckland [edit] make that wellington - thanks, anonymous!, and as far as i've seen, they totally tear shit up. more news on that closer to the gig.

the bats were really great at the jetset last night. the sound, for once, seemed pretty good, considering the jetset's common problems in that department. as usual, it's nice to see a band of such calibre playing such a familar style of indie-pop.

speaking of indie-pop, it's going to be poptastic this tuesday night. i've got my hands on most of the stuff mentioned in that pitchfork article about being twee as fuck and stuff. good article, especially the last page - all the bands mentioned there really are worth listening to.

another interesting thing on the net right now is this article, at tiny mix tapes. very funny from the perspective of a music writer/music geek.

wow and check out these two great covers:

iron & wine - waiting for superman.mp3 (flaming lips cover)

calexico - love will tear us apart.mp3 (joy divison cover)

awesome! what a crazy couple of versions. i guess that's the beauty of covers.


gareth said...

Me likey the Calexico cover. It is nice.

Joy Division sounds so weird when it is all warm and stuff...

Anonymous said...

Aren't So So Modern from Wellington?

richard said...

woops. they are too. thanks for that. teenwolf, though, are from auckland. for some reason i couldn't find any info on that. maybe i should just put north island - wherever they're from it's gotta be cooler than christchurch. because no one has ever said that before. cultural cringe!!! we put the rock in the slingshot