Tuesday, November 15, 2005

that ain't no god, it's just a hedge on fire [playlist 15/11/05]

tim's absent this week just as i was last week. i don't think he's in kaikoura, though. let's kick it off with something geeky:

1. the advantage - batman-stage 1 [elf-titled]
2. the joggers - we've been talked down [with cape and cane]
3. giant drag - this isn't it [hearts and unicorns]
4. kiss me deadly - let's [misty medley]
5. the movies - timothy james [american oil]
6. deerhoof - running thoughts [the runners four]

deerhoof are rumoured (totally unsubstantiatedly) to be playing canterbury university orientation in 2006. they're definitley playing in auckland, though, and probably wellington too. there's an interesting list of theirs up at pitchforkmedia here.

7. rocketship - yr new boyfriend [a certain smile, a certain sadness - japanese version]
8. pony up! - matthew modine [pony up! ep]
9. the sea urchins - yr so much [stardust]
10. glo-worm - downtown [glimmer]

oh, all this glowing indie pop. listened to a lot of this on my holiday in kaikoura last week. such sunny weather! bad news for power supplies, though. ah, nothing better than talking about the weather. or writing about the weather. it's a canterbury thing...

11. the young tradition - california morning [northern drive]
12. ris paul ric - purple blaze [purple blaze]

that's the vocalist/guitarist from q and not u. so quite a dramatic departure, then, considering the post-punk, cacaphonic stylings of his band. it works suprisingly well.

13. the wrens - track 2 [the meadowlands]
14. cat power - the moon [the greatest]

that new cat power is being eagerly anticipated everywhere i'm sure. it's pretty good. what an intruiging character - i want to see a concert of hers. bound to be at least a little bit insane. continuing with the female singer/songwriter eclecticisms, thanks to the listener who emailed us with the following recommendation. she's vic chesnutt's neice. this is an interesting duet.

15. vic chesnutt and liz durrett - somewhere ["somewhere" - west end story compilation]
16. tortoise and bonnie "prince" billy - that's pep (devo cover) [the brave and the bold]

elsewhere on the album (it's all covers) tthis odd pairing set about covering bruce springsteen, the minutemen, lungfish, don williams, and elton john. fortunatly, it all works pretty well. it's going to be interesting how it's received critically, though. i'm just a sucker for devo.

17. biirdie - you've got darkness [morning kills the dark]
18. wolfie - i know i know i know [awful mess mystery]
19. honeybunch - hey blue sky [time trials: 1987-1995]

for fans of the lucksmiths, apparently. i can see why - wussy twee songs about girls and literate romance. kinda like the next band, although a little later on. "emma's house" is probably the best song on this two-disc compilation. perfect for any mixtape.

20. the field mice - emma's house [where'd you learn to kiss that way]
21. spearmint - a happy ending [my missing days]
22. ten words for sno - d-na [d-na]
23. the gerbils - sunshine soul [are you sleepy]

thanks to hat, rdu's station manager, for the recommendation of the gerbils. they're in a very similar vein to bands like the olivia tremor control, of montreal, apples in stereo etc. - all those great elephant 6 bands.

24. clearlake - finally free [amber]
25. p:ano - leave me with the boy [brigadoon]

time to get into rockier terrain, after the wuss-fest that was the show so far. sorry! all this sunny weather and all i can listen to is sweet twee pop. here's some more rockin stuff.

26. parlour - such (a one year stem) [hives fives ep]
27. head wound city - prick class [head wound city ep]

you've gotta love press releases. here's what head wound city's one says:

"welcome to head wound city, now die alone in the street, skull crushed flat by the bumper of that yellow cab you didn't see coming - the one with the wheels made of cyanide laced donuts, and gg allin's grinning ghost grinding the gears. jordan does the singing"

that's jordan from the blood brothers. he's joined by a yeah yeah yeahs member, and also someone from post-hardcore band the locust. scary.

28. the plastic constellations - sancho panza [crusades]
29. the mendoza line - golden boy (torture in the shed) [full of light and full of fire]
30. mommy and daddy - way west way [duel at dawn]
31. the chalets - kiss chasing [nightrock ep]


Beat said...

Now this is a delicious batch of tunage indeed.

shea said...

Hey Beat! Whilst I wasn't at this show, there is indeed some tasty tunage!
Thanks for giving guitar media props on your website! I really love what you do and I hope you know that myself and thousands of other music geeks out there really appreciate it!

www.beattheindiedrum.com -- Go to it!

richard said...

hey beat

thanks for the linkage. and thanks for the upkeep of yr site - it's terrific. i only wish i had a faster connection so i could download all yr selections of songs. stil, though, i've got on to many a band via yr site. cheers!