Wednesday, November 16, 2005

frenzied handsome, hello!

the undercurrents are playing this saturday night, at the dux. nothing out of the ordinary there, then - they're bound to be playing loads of shows now that they've won the snazzy roundup band competition title. on the night i'll be spinning some tunes before and after the band plays, and so will bill from rdu show human pleasure at hourly rates. i'll be playing a lot of stuff from guitar media, mostly indie-rock/pop, post-punk and perhaps some freak-folk. probably fairly laid back stuff, unless people want to dance or anything. then i'll crack out the dancehall bangers. do come along. the undercurrents are a first class band, and bill and i will be playing some interesting music.

also, tim and i will be hosting the joint this saturday. it's from 12-3pm on rdu 98.5fm. it's a john peel sort of show (in a loose sense), in that we can play anything we fancy. we're not simply confined to music of the six-string variety. expect lots of hip hop (indie hip hop, of course. haha.), idm, electronica, heaps of wellington dub, and of course the indie rock and roll. i'm a little worried about it, considering the fine job that fraserhead and herbwhisperer usually do.

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