Wednesday, November 23, 2005

dance the electric wookie

hey you probably know this already cos yr cool but these really indie bands right they're playing at creation this friday. it's good because the young indies can go early from 7pm-10pm and be home in time for the OC (they miss america's next top model, though - suckers). but that's actually really good because it sucks not being able to go to gigs when yr under 18. then at 10:30 the old indies can go and dance or just be serious til the wee hours. by the way the bands are called so so modern and teenwolf, with support from christchurch's house of dolls (yay!). good on you, blink, for organising this gig. i'm pleased.

also i think there's a bit of a shindig at mainstreet this friday too. i'm not sure though maybe ask wammo ok thx bye

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