Tuesday, November 29, 2005

(do not feed the) oyster [playlist 29/11/05]

okay, so here's the plan for guitar media this december:

8/12: top 10 albums of 2005 - tim and richard pick their favourite records in the truest manifestation of indie geekdom.
15/12: top 10 songs of 2005 - a little more difficult, but a little thought is good once in a while.
22/12: a country christmas: alt-country special - no richard but tim will play the greatest alt-country. finally, a time for some unabashed tim rogers/ryan adams luuurrve.
29/12: preview of the foreseable future: the best advances and albums available on the net that are due for release in 2006. it's so like indie and sheeit.

anyway, this is tonight. here's the playlist...

1. death from above 1979 - better of dead (le peste cover) [romance bloody romance]

hehe. pitchfork makes it fun to like this remixes and covers album. 0.5/10! i mean, really. that's less than ryan adams' rock n roll. it'll be interesting to see how this next one is received. what a crazy covers album. by the way, bonnie "prince" billy is hitting our shores this feburary. he's playing creation on the 16th or 18th of february or thereabouts. tickets cost around $35. yeah!!!

2. bonnie "prince" billy & tortoise - daniel (elton john cover) [the brave & bold]
3. panda bear - i'm not [i'm not comfy in nautica single]
4. odawas - if it smells like a raincloud [the aether eater]

more high quality stuff from jagjaguwar records. sounds scarily like the phoenix foundation, though. not a bad thing, i might add. spacey, synthy goodness. mmm...synths.

5. mazarin - new american apathy [we're already there]
6. the drones - shark fin blues [wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by
6. film school - pitfalls [film school]
7. akron/family - dylan pt 2 [angels of light/akron/family]
8. the joggers - wicked light sleeper [with cape & cane]
9. the lemonheads - rudderless [it's a shame about ray]
10. belle & sebastian - another sunny day [the life pusuit] (hot! from the matador records site)
11. black tamborine - for ex-lovers only [complete recordings]
12. wilco - jesus etc. [kicking television]
13. cat power - the greatest [the greatest]
14. isobel campbell & mark lanegan - (do you wanna) come walk with me [ballad of the broken seas]

that's isobel campbell from belle & sebastian and mark lanegan from the screaming trees and queens of the stone age, not to mention twlight singers. he's very prolific...lots of solo stuff coming out.

15. the new pornographers - use it [twin cinema]
16. fence - locked up [the woolf]
17. oneida - did i die [the wedding]
18. death from above 1979 - yr lovely (but you've got problems) [romance bloody romance]
19. test-icicles - what's in the box? [for screening purposes only]
20. blood on the wall - reunite on ice [awesomer]
20. lightning bolt - birdy [hypermagic mountain]
21. herman dune - seven cities [not on top]
22. tim rogers - stray dog blues [spit polish]
23. yo la tengo - stockholm syndrome [i can hear the heart beating as one]
24. the unicorns - (i was born) a unicorn [who will cut our hair when we're gone?]

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