Sunday, November 13, 2005

since yr already up

on a rainy sunday afternoon made quite beautiful by cat power's new album, the greatest, i don't have a whole lot to post, really. no new reviews or articles or anything extra-exciting to report. i did catch the joint (a super-cool show on rdu 98.5fm) on saturday from 3-5pm, though, after getting back from a few days in kaikoura (nice place, by the way - especially in such sunny weather). the chaps fraserhead and herbwhisperer were talking about the guitar media show - in particular, the giant drag album that i've been thrashing. it's called hearts and unicorns. i don't think i've actually played any on the show yet but it's over there (see? on the right) on the recommended listening section. it's pretty cool. will play some more this week, but there's a good write up about a recent gig in the states on fluxblog. and also, a track for you to download:

giant drag - this isn't it.mp3

also on this weeks show will be new music from the clientele's new tour record, it's art, dad, new bonnie "prince" billy with tortoise from their fourthcoming covers album, the brave and the bold, other unreleased stuff from the mendoza line, ten words for sno, ris paul ric(q and not u vocalist new project), clearlake, the advantage, head wound city (members of the locust and the yeah yeah yeahs), winter pils, as well as new cat power and new sun kil moon. it's gonna be a wild night.

don't forget about the low hum gig on in a few weeks, as well as the fifth mixtape connection, which is on the 2nd of december. plenty of indie hot love for you. more news on that later, though.


shea said...

Fantastically awesomely excellent news!!


I know! It's really great!!!!

It's on the website and all --

Get your dancing shoes ready and start celebrating!

shea said...


So is MYLO and (almost definitely) EDAN!


shea said...

Ok so I'm pretty sure EDAN is coming. If you search "Edan Big Day Out" it comes up with his site and the blurb

"EDAN with guest DAGHA New Zealand and Australia Tour January 17-30, 2006 Fri Jan
20 - Big Day Out Festival, Auckland Sun Jan 22 - Big Day Out Festival, ..."

But if you click on it, it says nothing about it. But it seems very likely!!

Anyway, I'll stop now!

richard said...

wow, that's pretty cool. pity i'm not going to be here then, and the sydney one sold out in record time :( wah