Sunday, November 27, 2005

i'm not comfy in nautica

it was a blast on friday night at creation for the a low hum gig. i went to the 10:30, r18 show. i arrived at a bit after midnight to the second half teenwolf's set. it sure was wild, and basically what i expected, if not a little more raucous. and what i was expecting was a fun, danceable style of new-wave/indie-rock/spaz rock. haha, genres. fun is the main ingredient with teenwolf, though. unabashed energy seemed to come naturally to them, and so too, for so so modern. also inherent was a sense of dress - they had matching fluoroscent hoodies (which one of their mum's sewed them, though?) that seemed appropriate for the blast of neon love that came in with their style of spaztic, liars-esque dance-punk. shit, they reminded me so much of single frame that i was convinced (in my then slightly drunken state) so so modern were not only as polished as an indie band like these mentioned two american groups, but were in fact the saviours of new zealand music. am i wrong? probably. but they were pretty good, and i wasn't the only one dancing the electric wookie.

all in all it was a great night, even if the turnout was somewhat disapointing (to me, anyway - i would've hoped more christchurch folk that like good music would've been there). if you were there, then you'll probably appreciate this track up for download. i'll be playing a few cuts from this new death from above 1979 remix album, romance bloody romance at this week's mixtape connection volume 5. it's free at capitol bar on friday the 2nd - more news on that later, but you should definitley come if you like any of the dancier stuff we play on guitar media, or if yr a sucker (like me) for the 80s synth-pop classics, of which i tend to play a lot. anyway, mstrkrft have been busy doing remixes lately, and there are two more available at banana nutrament. don't listen to pitchfork (lol!), this is the wicked shit.

death from above 1979 - sexy results (mstrkrft remix).mp3


Adele said...

I <3 <3 <3 that new Panda Bear single! (also numeric/symbolic hearts)

shea said...

Aw I wanted to go to the all-ages one. I had prizegiving :(


Congratulations, you're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model

richard said...

adele: yes, it's amazing, isn't it? looking forward to his next album - i loved young prayer a lot. think anything the animal collective does is guaranteed to be good.

shea: apparently the all ages one was good aswell. but really, who would miss ANTM?