Tuesday, November 22, 2005

nothing is true and everything is permitted. 22/11 playlist

hello to all in the virtualworld.we have adele from bFM in the studio so be nice. that's more for me than you.

1. stereolab. the noise of carpet. emperor tomato ketchup.
2. the drones. shark fin blues. wait long by the rinver and the bodies of your enemies will float by.
3. calvin johnson. rabbit blood. before the dream faded.
4. p:ano. t-hatch says "round every corner". ghost pirates without heads.
5. badly drawn boy. stone on the water. the hour of the bewilderbeast.
6. comet gain. just one summer before i go. city fallen leaves.
7. clientele. untitled #2. strange live bootleg calledit's art dad.
8. i'm from barcelona. we're from barcelona. sing! with i'm from barcelona EP.
9. calexico. iron + wine. history of lovers. in the reigns.
10. cat power. the moon. the greatest.
11. hello saferide. get sick soon. introducing... hello saferide.
12. bonnie "prince" billy. o let it be. southwest - live album.
13. love is all. spinning and scratch. 9 times that same song.
14. telefauna. put yourhands together for the offbeat. s/r.
15. messer chups. mobile coffin. vamp babes.
16. go go go airhart. shake it off.
17. the strokes. razor blade. first impressions of earth. jan 9 06.
18. spinto band. oh mandy. nice and nicely done.
19. tiny amps. dance on a crowded floors. thrill and swagger.
20. the amps. mom's drunk. pacer.
21. jens lekman. a sweet summer's night on hammer hill. oh you're so silent.
22. devendra banhart doing antony and the johnsons. mmm. you'll never get this unless you download it. fistful of love. from believer mag free cd.
23. explosions in the sky. day five. the rescue.
24. goldrush. wait for the goldrush. ozona.
25. sunset rubdown. i'll believe in anything you'll believe in anything. snake's gotta leg.
26. the movies. peck the chick. american oil.
27. the wyrd sisters (c) - jarvis cocker + members of radiohead/ relaxed muscle. harry potter & the goblet of fire.
28. yo la tengo. upside down. generic nyc album.

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