Saturday, November 19, 2005

lighting up with the joint - playlist saturday 19/11/05

1. Koushik, Be With [Be With] - Instrumental Hip Hop
2. Pulse, Who Made Who [Download] - Electro
3. Presets, Kitty In The Middle [Beams] - Electronica
4. Boom Bip, Do's and Dont's w/ Gruff Rhys [Blue Eued In The Red Room] - Downbeat

the gawdamn ads.

5. B Fleischmann, Static Grate [The Humbucking Coil]
6. Stochastic, You Catch/ Toss [Geek Beats] - download from - Geek Beat
7. Data Rock, Computer Camp Love [Datarock Datarock]
8. Goyte, A Distinctive Sound" [download from]

9. Edan, Beauty [Beauty & The Beat]
10. Cage, Scenester [Hell's Winter]
11. Oh No - The Ride feat. Med [The Disrupt]
12. Slug & Murs - Early Morning Tony [Felt 2 - A Tribute to Lisa Bonet]
13. Dangerdoom - El Chupa Nibre [The Mouse and the Mask]
14. Ghostface - Be easy (produced by Pete Rock) [Fishscale]

15. The Phoenix Foundation - Damn the River [Pegasus]
16. The Sea Urchins - Summershine [Stardust]
17. The Clientele - Elm Grove Window [It's Art, Dad]
18. Kiss Me Deadly - Let's [Misty Medley]
19. Bumblebeez 81 - Vila Attack (M83 Remix) [Remixed]

20. Colder, To The Music [Heat]
21. Panthers, Thank Me With Your Hands (MSTRKRFT remix - Death From Above), [Download]
22. Cut Copy - Saturdays [Bright Like Neon Love]
23. Black Dice - Smiling Off (DFA Remix) [Smiling Off Single]

24. Mommy and Daddy - Pretty Loser [Duel at Dawn]
25. Wolf Parade - It's a Curse [Apologies to the Queen Mary]
26. The Test Icicles - What's in the Box? [For Screening Purposes Only]
27. Neon Blonde - The Future is a Mesh Stallion [Chandeliers in the Savannah]

28. Cat Power - The Greatest [The Greatest]
29. Vashti Bunyan - Here Before [Lookeraftering]
30. Tim Rogers - Riding Between My Place and Yours [Ghost Songs]

31. Matias Aguayo - Radiotaxi [Are You Really Lost]
32. Phon.o - Bluehende Lanschaften [Burn Down The House]
33. Jackson And His Computer Band - Rock On [Smash]
34. Spank Rock - Put That P**sy On Me [Download - Album Out Soon On Big Dada]
35. Corporeal - Broadcast [Tender Buttons]

36. Dj Shadow, Extract from Funky Skunk Album... online now or rare purchase from Shadow's website

Thanks kids, it's been fun. Will edit this later to add links to some trax!

Timmy Dodgers + Richard MF

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