Friday, September 09, 2005

tears from the compound eye

i'm bored and sick. must've caught tim's evil lurgee - ugh! getting ridiculously drunk and going and dancing like a spaz at home bar's funk night didn't help things either (terrific night, by the way - i'll have to get down there on thursday nights more often). here are some more mp3 downloads for you.

firstly, here's something really, well, bizarre. the diskettes are a band who are pretty obscure and indie (in both their sound and their identity), and to see them cover this song raises a few questions. how (and why) would anywhere else in the world would have heard of OMC? and what are the diskettes doing covering this track? i'm guessing they see the humour of it. so yeah, here they are covering OMC's "how bizarre", thanks to said the gramophone

how bizarre.mp3

that new bloc party remix album is really good, and if you haven't heard it yet, here are two of the standout tracks:

blue light (engineers ‘anti-gravity’ mix).mp3

so here we are (four tet remix).mp3

i've managed to get a downloaded copy of the new boards of canada album, the campfire headphase. it's really great, though hardly guitar media-related. still, you should listen to it. they're one of my favourite electronic artists. i found a blog with a song from the album uploaded, but now searching back i can't find it anywhere. i'll put it up later if i find it. let me know if you do though.

edit: okay, found it. here's a creepy sounding one:

peacock tail.mp3

tv on the radio blew a lot of people away last year with their album desperate youths, bloodthirsty babes. i was one of them, and right now there are a lot of bloggers around the world being blown away by their latest work - a politcal/protest track on the topic of the new orleans flooding. they're currently at work on a new album, which will have probably even more people excited than there were over their last. last november, they won a shortlist for the US mercury prize. and just this week, something pretty crazy happened with the british one. you've probably heard this by now, but antony and the johnsons won! i mean, what the fuck? i'm in two minds about it myself - they're definitley the sort of band that are so weird that they'll probably become pretty cool to like, especially now. on the other hand, it's fantastic to see something so, well, weird win over artists like coldplay, m.i.a and bloc party. but here's the new tv on the radio track:

dry drunk emperor.mp3


there's a few good gigs on during september. i'll be out and about and taking photos, so keep checking the blog the day after these gigs if yr interested in what they looked like through the camera of a bad photographer.

september 16
Die!Die!Die! w/ Operation Rolling Thunder and House of Dolls - Wunderbar
(i'm judging at the round up bands competition this night. come say hi.)

september 17
Die!Die!Die! w/ Operation Rolling Thunder and The Shocking Pinks- JetSet Lounge
The Dead C!!! - Creation

september 23
Ghostplane w/ Mestar - Wunderbar
Capturing Twlight - a video projection featuring live soundscapes from kahu from hdu and dave holms from gramsci

september 24
Charlie ASH and The Shocking Pinks - Dux de Lux

october 6
Bachelorette w/ ThomasParkes - Dux De Lux

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