Tuesday, September 13, 2005

everything in here is eatable children, even me (but that's called cannibalism and is frowned upon in most socities) [playlist]

A strange night indeed. No Tim Rogers arrival despite promises and intentions so I was sad, and Richard MF gots that damn lurgee so oh yer, a long one in the studio. Lots of new, lots of old and some nice nice toons for a rainy spring nite.


Timmy Dodgers

1. akria s et as garo - sobre as pernas [v/a: the sexual life of savages]
2. wilco - as least that's what you said [a ghost is born]
3. the lucksmiths - great lengths [warmer corners]
4. the skygreen leopards - suplication of fireflys [life & love in sparrow's meadow]
5. john vanderslice - dear sarah shu [pixel revolt]
6. tv on the radio - dry drunk emperor [unreleased, download only]
7. foreign born - remote woods [in the remote woods]
8. architecture in helsinki - frenchy i'm faking [in case we die]
9. franz ferdinand - the fallen [you could have it so much better...with franz ferdinand]
10. the a frames - flies [black forest]
11. lightning bolt - birdy [hypermagic mountain]
12. shellac - dog & pony show [at action park]
13. clap your hands say yeah! - unknown (live) [unreleased, live @ the main hall]
14. sebadoh - beauty of the ride [harmacy]
15. midnight movies - love or a lesson [midnight movies]
16. built to spill - made up dreams [perfect from now on]
17. the tenement halls - up over thee turnstiles [knitting needles & bicycle bells]
18. my morning jacket - gideon [z]
19. aswefall - take me with you [bleed]
20. the mars volta - inertiatic esp [deloused in the comatorium]
21. metric - the police and the private [live it out]
22. scout niblett - miss my lion [kidnapped by neptune]
23. the rosebuds - unwind [the rosebuds unwind ep]
24. tim rogers - guys, girls, guitars [number four album]
25. orange juice - moscow [the glasgow school]
26. sigur ros - mer blolasnir [takk]

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