Wednesday, September 14, 2005

the return of the new

hey all. just a quick drop to let you know that we should have timmy rogers new double CD for next week... fingers crossed. Should be in stores now and is a real beauty, so take a chance, pays yer money and learn to dance. hear tracks on the timmy rogers minisite - linked from...

also time to get excited - ryan adams and the cardinals new album has hit the net and will be in stores at the end of this month. originally called "september", it's now called "jacksonville nights". ryan's got a blog where you can chekkit and you can hear a new track on his site.

finally get to the DUX DE LUX tomorrow night and friday night where richard and i are judging at the RounDUp semifinals - all the local band niceness in a chilled atmosphere.

check out more info

timmy d

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