Monday, September 19, 2005

more snow falling like frozen angels

hard not to get a bit overexcited what with all this snow about so of course, more photos! I was also going to post something about politics but then I remembered that I detest the greens, labour, and national so what could I say apart from the glaringly obvious fact that if you're mid twenties to early thirties, creative, working a job you love but not much cash in the bak well there's nobody there t represent you. If Nandor is meant to speak to me on my level then shoot me please... but i digress.

just started reading peter guralnick's classic book on soul music - it's a bit of a shame we can't drop these artists on gat mediah.... but maybe I'll run a vintage cuts show on it one day... - and it's a must read for anyone even remotely interested in r&b and soul. Guralnick has also written excellent books on the blues, and a double volume on Elvis which is fascinating.

sweet soul music

tune in tomorrow night now ya hear, and peace to all the RounDUp bands over Thursday and Friday last week... you were all hot!

Love to musicians but not politicians,

Timmy D

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