Tuesday, September 27, 2005

oh i had this greatidea for a playlist title

welcome. come one, come all. shea's rocking a nice smiths t shirt and richards got jeans so tight I'm glad he didn't have to bend overhis crate of vinyl...

1. Gang Of Four, Damaged Goods (Return The Gift)
2. Tim Rogers & The Temperance Union, Shit (Dirty Ron)

right warming up now

3. Go Go Go Airheart, Shake It Off (Rats! Sing! Sing!)
4. Silver Jews, How Can I Love You (If You Won't Lie Down)

yes well. something is not working in the brain/ mouth partnership but we'll get there. poor dan berman - check out a great interview on pitchforkmedia.com that is enough to make you never want to be an indie artist ever. it's a great album by the way....

ohh. the ads really get me going! it's shea. voicing ads. he's world famous in chch and has very good enunciation....

5. Mestar, Ovientar (Porcupine)
6. Grant Lee Buffalo, Mockingbirds (Mighty Joe Moon)

I found this album again after many years and am in the process of falling in love with it again... it really was another key step towards the embracing of the vision of americana...

the exec lounge is full of the mixtape crew. too much humanity for me.

7. Roxy Music, Do The Strand (For Your Pleasure)

Sweet sexy dark dirty roxy. Eno spices it up whilst Ferry croons like a two dollar holla holla. I have no idea whatthat means. Ring in if you do...

8. Oneida, Did I Die? (The Wedding)

Jagjaguar is possibly the greatest record label out there at the moment. Some amazing bands redefining the possibilities of guitars and structures and sonic sauce. mmm... special sauce. check them out on the web and whilst you're there reachout and touch someone. or something like that.

Hat is on the phone from his kitchen, the Commander In Chief himself. We salute you good sir.

9. Neutral Milk Hotel, Engine (Download from Siad the Gramaphone... see the links list at the side of the blog!)

hey, you haven;t seen my grey top have you? I left it in the lounge on sat and it has disappeared. I'm distraught. Thanks for ringing. see ya. That was my flatmate.

love is given, but seldom received.

10. Matt Pond PA, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, (Winter Songs EP)

see. are you paying attention. this is a neutral milk hotel cover. this is what we call linking things together "Thematically" in the industry.now you know.

11. Belle And Sebastian, Here Comes The Sun (Live Beatles Cover)

A brilliant Shea selection and a nice voicebreak to boot. next year when richard fucks offto australia shea it will be you and me. are you scared yet?

12. Arab Strap, Speed-Date (The Last Romance)
13. Skygreen Leopards, Clouds Through Sparrow Eyes (Life And Love In Sparrow's Meadow)

Jagjaguar again! Yer. See Above.

14. The Minus Story, Knocking On Your Head (No Rest For Ghosts)

No rest for goats either. hmmm.

15. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Spetember (Jacksonville City Nights)

Yes, another night, another ryan album. and yes, once again I believe this to be a stunning release. for those of you who believe you need three years, a performance coach and millions of dollars to record an album... well, you're not listening to us anyway.

post rock is coming up. i can feel it in my marrow.

16. Arcade Fire, Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeah Whatever Cover... BBC Jo Wiley Live Lounge)

This song actually has substance unlike anything else YYY have ever done. If someone can tell me the difference between Karen O and Britney Spears give us a call. But anyway The Arcade Fire are sensational, absolutely mindblowingly audaciously brilliant, and Bowie loves them. Check the blogs. You know it's true. Nice Harmonica.

17. Sleater Kinney, What's Mine Is Yours (The Woods)

If this is selling out I want some shares. Finally they get the sound they deserve...

18. You Say Party! We Say Die!, Stockholm Syndrome Pt 1 (Hit The Floor!)

Two riot grrl tracks in a row. Just pointing that out.

19. Neil You... Magnolia Elelctric Co., The Dark Don't Hide It (
20. Kingsbury Manx, 10008 (The Fats Rise and Fall of the Why Won't It Tell Me)
21. Tim Rogers & the TU, Ghost Songs (GhostSongs/ Dirty Ron)

22. Phosphorescent, I Am A Full Grown Man (I will Lay In The Grass All Day) (Aw Come Aw Wry)

nice twice. one to keep yr eye out for. speaking of nothing related, you should go on line and download this track for free re: georgie porgie's "handling" of recent terrible events in noo orleans...

23. TV On The Radio, Dry Drunk Emperor (Free for download...check the blog)
24. Neon Blonde, The Future Is A Mesh Stallion (Chandeliers In The Savannah)
25. The Liars, Groown Men Don't Fall In The River, Just Like That (They Threw Us In A Trench And Built A Monument On Top)

we got our fingers on the pulse of america
wake up
wake up
your pants are on fire


get down to capitol bar - mixtape 3 - if you like this kind of thing for a night of hot tunes and good times.

nearly over now. i can hear the safety car bringing us in. cacophony are near...

26. Ligthning Bolt, Magic Mountain (Hypermagic Mountain)

and maybe

27. Sigur Ros, Me>Blo>nasir (Takk)

love to all

timmy dodgers, richard mf, shea okay

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