Sunday, September 18, 2005

finish yr collapse and stay for breakfast

i hope everyone went out and voted yesterday. i ended up giving the greens my party vote and rod donald (greens) my candidate vote. the television coverage was enthrawlling last night. flicking between channel one and three proved interestting. tv one was often far ahead in terms of percentage counted compared to tv three. makes you wonder where and how they both get their data. i found channel one a lot easier to follow, though, in terms of interface. it was easy to get pretty empassioned by the whole thing. the thought of a national government was too much to comprehend, so i was very pleased to see labour edging ahead at the last minute. not knowing until october first is a litle annoying. anything could happen, really.

a lot was happening around town last night, in terms of music anyway. i stopped by the jetset for the die! die! die! gig but didn't end up going in because it looked really dead/empty. the shocking pinks were apparently about to start (they were the second act) and it didn't look like it was going to get particuarly rockin' at any stage. so i went to creation (it was around 11:30 by now) to catch the dead c. but the gates were locked and they had already finished! argh. so early - i didn't expect that at all. i was planning to take some photos but go this time. mainstreet was great for wammo's election party, though.

now, the minus story are about to release a new album called no rest for ghosts. i downloaded it and it's really great. a little melancholy but filled with serene melodies and interesting instrumentation.

knocking on your head.mp3

i've been a fan of their other albums for ages now. they put out a wee teaser ep, the heaven and hell ep, a few months back. i love this song from it the most:

time wastes itself.mp3

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