Wednesday, September 07, 2005

robot snares got no cadence or balance

let's take a break from tax cuts and exclusive brevhrens for a minute shall we. here's a few mp3 downloads:

last night we played something from blood on the wall's fourthcoming awesomer lp. it's a pretty interesting album of heavy indie rock. it reminds me a bit of the kills, except with heavier leanings:

i'd like to take you out tonight.mp3

and from the same brilliant site that i swiped that link from, stereogum, i found out hud's brilliant single from their latest full length, let us never speak of it again, up for download. i often play this track in dj sets (like at the mixtape connection). it's like...stonkin'. or something:

it's for you.mp3

i've been using bit torrent file downloading systems a lot lately, and a while back i grabbed broadcast's fourthcoming album, tender buttons. but to my dismay, once the file had finished downloading, there were no actual mp3s in the folder. hmm, i still don't know why, but it makes for a pretty uninteresting story. anyway, they're on warp records, largely known for their "intelligent" electronic output (duh) but also for maximo park being like, the only guitar band on there. well broadcast kinda got their first with their great 2003 album haha sound, which is really good. not as guitary as maximo park, more electro poppy:

michael a grammar.mp3

ah, now this is quite exciting. metric, a canadian girl band featuring one member from the guitar media darlings broken social scene are about to release another lp. here's a track from it:

police and the private.mp3

omg#%#$ i wish clap your hands say yeah! would play in new zealand. that's just too much of an unrealistic thought, but here's the next best thing (not): the guy from said the gramophone went to a show of theirs. of course, it was incredibly good - here are some tracks that he taped at the show. they're two new songs not on the album. pretty shitty sound quality, but at least you heard it before everyone else:

unknown 1 (live).mp3

unknown 2 (live).mp3

back in christchurh, though, try and check out the pinacolada soundsystem at mainstreet this saturday night. it's free and there will be lots of 80s nostalgia and indie love...all for free.

oh yeah! happy birthday gretchen and javier!!!


Ed Muzik said...

You must read all the same MP3 blogs I do...

Adele said...

Hey Richard!

How's tricks? Have you heard about the Drag City extravaganza heading through Auckland-town? Joanna Newsom supported by Smog! (Are two artists an extravaganza?)...October 16th at the Maidment Theatre, no word yet on dates further on down the country...

richard said...

ah, my friend just moved to brisbane and he said that same show is about to happen over there. that would be a killer show though, i'll get him to write a review or something and i'll post it up here. as if they will come to chch, but hey thats good for aucklanders like you adele :D hehe. i think that two artists is certainly an extravaganza!