Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Head And Other Fantasies

a night unfolding as it happens by blog....

1. Radiohead, Electioneering (OK Computer)
2. Serena-Maneesh, Unduex (S/T)
3. Dinosaur Jr., Little Fury Things (You're Living All Over Me)
4. Tom Vek, A Little Word In Your Ear (We Have Sound)

things falling about all overthe place... who's stolen the second mic. what does this button do.....

5. Dandy Warhols, Smoke It (Odditorium or Warlords of Mars)
6. Metric, glass ceiling (live it out) richard hates capitals

only do what i'm told
only do what i'm told

7. Tim Rogers and the Temperance Union, Do It Again (Dirty Ron/ Ghost Songs)

Thanks to Festival - Buy this album and one copy to give away next week so get studying at www.youami.net!

8. The Hold Steady, Your Little Hoodrat Friend (Separation Sunday)
9. Magnolia Electric Company, The Dark Don't Hide It (What Comes After The Blues)

I'm loving this album -itcouldbe a snaeky contender for the year end top 10! (td)

10. The Robot Ate Me, Tonight (Carousel Waltz)
11. Silver Jews, Sometimes A Pony Gets Depressed (Tanglewood Numbers)
12. The Rakes, Work, Work, Work(Pub, Club, Sleep) (Capture/ Release)

god this is shit. shit shit shit it should be called.

13. Forward Russia, Fourteen (Thirteen/ Fourteen 7")
14. Jane's Addiction, Stop! (Ritual De La Habitual)

classic cut. what is dave navarro doing to himself these days? i mean inxs? please.
is this too glam for us indie kids? hmmmmm.......

15. The Spinto Band, Brown Boxes (Nice and Nicely Done)
16. Belle And Sebastian, Me and the Major (If You're Feeling Sinister)

indie geek war - tigermilk vs sinister? like clark v brash only with more sex and violence!!! will richard have his evil way or shea be victorious in this winner takes all comp! roll up roll up!

17. Tim Rogers and the Temperance Union, Kalgoorlie (Dirty Ron/ Ghost Songs)
18. The Wrens, Happy (The Meadowlands)
19. Ryan Adams And The Cardinals, The Hardest Part (Jacksonville City Nights)

this is the three-tastic triple play (ahem). Alwright! This new Ryan is going to kill it... two great albums in a year and one to come!!!

20. The Most Serene Republic, Relative's Eyes [Underwater Cinematographer]
21. the white stripes, red rain (get behind me satan)

what the f***? are they too commercial? if so then perhaps the mainstream is finally developing some taste... perhaps the stream is filtering the general pollution that constitutes top 40?! for what its worth you can hate on them because your lil sis is namedropping them but this album is yet another triumph for red and white!

22. Blood on the Wall, You Are A Mess (awesomer)
23. Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeny, What Are You (Superwolf)

Bonnie Billy @ Creation in Jan 06... start saving you slackers and dust off your cowboy boots

24. Grandaddy, Goodbye (Excerpts From The Diary Of Todd Zilla)

a bit of a shame... should be called goodbye to our good ideas... where is mark linkous when you need him? ground control to major depression... nobody cares anymore.

25. Spoon, Merchants of Soul (Gimme Fiction)

uh, yeah, white boy soul. check the handclaps and love theez steez biatch! seriously tho, a mucho bueno album. check it out. and yes, it does have guitars in it.

26. The Jessica Fletchers, Magic Bar (Less Sophistication)
27. Lightning Bolt, 2morro Morro Land (Hypermagic Mountain)

classy pop stuff followed by noisenik niceness. uhhhhhhhh. and to finish the night and introduce our friends from Cacophony...

28. Turbonegro, Wasted Again (Party Animals)

It was quite a night!

We Love You All,

Richard MF, Shea The Kindy Indie Kid, and Timmy Dodgers

ps touch it

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