Saturday, September 24, 2005

mestar & ghostplane - wunderbar 23/9/05 [photos]

terrfic night out at the wunderbar last night. i'll be posting a full 400 word review of the gig on wednesday. for now though, here are some photos. click on them for bigger pictures, k? i took the mestar ones and gareth talbot took the ghostplane ones (word!). none of the new originals who supported, sorry. i'll be taking photos at charlie ash tonight - i'll post them up here tomorow (sunday). [edit - i forgot my camera. duh. so no charlie ash photos, sorry. they were super cool, though.]

that was the second night in a row i went to the wunderbar. thursday night saw the spoils play to a tiny crowd of about 10 or so people. the melbourne alt-country duo (normally a 6 piece) were funny and self-deprecating and there was a lot of interaction between the small audience and them. they sound a lot like nick cave and the bad seeds with some neil young sounds in there too. it was kind of a shame that there weren't more people there, but at the same time it was nice and quaint. i guess there was quite a bit happening around town that night.

we could be happy in a rock and roll world:


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