Thursday, September 15, 2005

the force that through the green fuse drives the flower

gee, the arcade fire are still incredibly busy. they played a live gig with david bowie the other day (a performance that can be downloaded in divx form on many torrents sites). they were on the late show with david letterman, and they were on top of the pops, too, over in the UK. still reeping the benefits of 2004's excellent funeral lp, they continue on their plans for world domination. well, almost.

i found this mp3 on said the gramophone, and fuck - it's quite amazing:

the arcade fire - maps (yeah yeah yeahs live cover).mp3

on a completely different aside, here's another cool band on GSL records. they're called gogogo airheart. i'm downloading their album rats sing sing at the moment. they sounds interesting from this track, at least. and it rhymes with maps, so it's not totally irrelevant:

gogogo airheart - rats.mp3

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gareth said...

dig the "maps" cover.