Tuesday, August 30, 2005

when i came home from the party [playlist 30/8/05]

1. tralala - all fired up [tralala]
2. saturday looks good to me - alcohol [all yr summer songs]
3. magneta lane - the constant lover [constant lover ep]
4. grandaddy - florida [excerpts from the diary of todd zilla]
5. field music - you can decide [field music]
6. the ponys - i'm with you [celebration castle]
7. the clientele - since k got over me [strange geometry]
8. clap your hands say yeah! - over and over again (lost and found) [clap your hands say yeah!]
9. the shout out louds - please please please [howl howl gaff gaff]
10. rogue wave - publish my love [descended like vultures]
11. broken social scene - windsurfing nation [broken social scene]
12. dr. dog - oh no [easy beat]
13. the boy least likely to - paper cuts [the best party ever]
14. american analog set - born on the cusp [set free]
15. my morning jacket - wordless chorus [z]
16. deerhoof - wind cheek love song [the runners four]
17. the minus story - knocking on your head [no rest for ghosts]
18. the fiery furnaces - a candymaker's knife [rehearsing my choir]
19. animal collective - did you see the words [feels]
20. the bell orchestre - les lumieres (parts i & ii) [tour ep]
21. sigur ros - glosoli [takk]
22. devendra banhart - now that i know [cripple crow]
23. the decemberists - the engine driver [picaresque]
24. iron & wine - in my lady's house [woman king ep]
25. dungen - gjort bort sig [tet la dugnt]
26. single frame - i've been to a party at this house [wetheads come running]
27. clor - stuck in a tight spot [clor]
28. ex models - headlines [chrome panther]


Anonymous said...


please post mp3 links to these songs, or stop with the namedropping of crappy bands no one cares about?


that cool guy said...

Hey there,

It kinda seems like a paradox to request mp3 links to songs by "crappy bands" that "no one cares about" - why are you requesting for links then? Why are you on this website? Why are you still alive???????????

If you want something, then you should ask nicely. didn't your parents tell you that? Actually, they named you anonymous so probably not. who calls their kid anonymous? gosh.

richard said...

hehe. umm...k...