Tuesday, August 23, 2005

it hurts to see you dance so well [playlist 23/8/05]

1. broken social scene - our faces split the coast in half [broken social scene]
2. the notwist - pilot [neon golden]
3. tom vek - don't jump [i ain't saying my goodbyes single]
4. oneida - did i die [the wedding]
5. animal collective - did you see the words [feels]
6. architecture in helsinki - wishbone [in case we die]
7. rogue wave - 10:1 [10:1 ep]
8. the phoenix foundation - lambs [horsepower]
9. clap your hands say yeah! - tidal wave of young blood [clap your hands say yeah!]
10. the jon spencer blues explosion - 2 kindsa love [now i got worry]
11. the black keys - grown so ugly [rubber factory]
12. clor - stuck in a tight spot [clor]
13. the afghan whigs - miles iz dead [congregation]
14. the feelies - original love [crazy rhythms]
15. the shout out louds - the comeback [howl howl gaff gaff]
16. the skygreen leopards - careless gardeners of eden [life and love in sparrows meadow]
17. broken social scene - ibi dreams of pavement (a better half) [broken social scene]
18. pavement - loretta's scars [slanted & enchanted]
19. enon - natural disasters [high society]
20. the sea urchins - cling film [stardust]
21. the clientele - my own face inside the trees [strange geometry]
22. devendra banhart - hey mama wolf [cripple crow]
23. the mountain goats - palmcorder yanja [we shall all be healed]
24. smog - drinking at the dam [a river ain't too much to love]
25. american analog set - the green green grass [set free]
26. pelican - sirius [the fire in our throats will beckon the thaw]
27. a silver mt zion - more action! less tears! [pretty little lightning paw ep]

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