Wednesday, August 31, 2005

eau d'bedroom dancing

okay, so the indie music nights in christchurch continue. well, sort of christchurch - this time it's lytellton, at the wunderbar. and oh how i love the wunderbar. i'm always looking for excuses to get out there. so if yr looking for something to do this saturday, the drive to the wunderbar will be well worth it. because, you see, wammo and i are playing indie tunes from about 9pm onwards. there's no cover charge, you'll just have to make the drive out there. which is quite scenic really - oh boy, that tunnel never fails to thrill me.

no but really, you should come. wammo will play his usual blend of super hot indie exotic and disco pogo, while i'll be playing stuff along the lines of these bands:

clor, clap your hands say yeah!, tom vek, enon, the faint, belle & sebastian, the smiths, the robot ate me, luke vibert, devendra banhart, junior boys, liquid liquid, boom bip, television, adult, the futureheads, the kills, felix da housecat. and a whole heap more.

so yeah, it will be pretty eclectic, but heaps of fun. the idea is that anything goes, as long as it's good.

the gig doesn't really have a name as such, but it's this saturday - the 3rd of september. 9pm start, no cover charge. and if all goes well, they may become a regular thing. ooh!

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